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 RP Want ads

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PostSubject: RP Want ads   Sun Feb 26, 2017 11:29 pm

General Guidelines for this thread:

Please tag all posts either LFM (for RPs looking for members) or LFRP (for members looking for RPs). It makes them easier to identify.

If you are listed in the RP Character Bio thread, you can link to your bio there rather than having to take the time to re-post anything other than a brief thumbnail here.

As already established in the opening post, contact should be by HP message or forum PM (you can state your preference in the "ad").

This is not a discussion thread. This is only for LFM/LFRP posts. If you wish to debate whether or not such a thread is necessary, please do so in another thread. All non-RP ad posts will be removed.

Thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: RP Want ads   Fri May 26, 2017 1:47 am



A portal sucks you through to a world where you are caught in a fight for existence or extinction. Where Magic exists and is seen as a weapon and not much more. Where those who use and are connected to the Chi of the planet are persecuted and where those without the ability to summon the elements are taught to fear those who do. Welcome to Mier.. and welcome to your journey into the Aneir chronicles.

Hai I am looking for Roleplayers of all levels, kinds and what have you to join my new ( Very small RP group ) Scifi/Fantasy  RP group. Right now we are a small group of folks who are looking for some fresh blood. T1 is the only recognized combat style, at the minimum, there is a line and a half post limit ( Around 75 to 50 words give or take the size of one's screen but it is not strictly enforced.)

The story: The TAC is a coming home story about a girl who has been missing for at least 200 years. She is the last of her element and unfortunately is the only one with enough potential to possibly be able to set things right. Mier has been at war with its self for at least 200 years caught in a civil war between the Cael and the Aneir with the Makai, Sions, and Laeoises caught in the middle as it ravages and destroys the planet. Spurred on by a power hungry dictator named Mardu. Essentially The missing girl wakes up to find things aren't as they were before and has to learn to adapt and take her place where she belongs or allow this world to fall into the darkness.

So pretty much depending on your character's personality You'd either be an imperial fighter or a Rebel fighter. We do have a discord and a Skype group and depending on the day we can be a talkative bunch. So if any of the above catches yer eye shoot AislingsLullaby or WonsoYeongEitan an msg on the client or even better stop by our OOC room for more info.
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PostSubject: Re: RP Want ads   Sun May 28, 2017 10:02 pm



Unknown to the human populace, paranormal entities thrive in their own dimensions and safe houses. The most prominent of these secret institutions is an academy hidden in the woods of upstate New York: St. Giles Academy, a beacon of hope for those society has outcast. With such categories as humanborn, demons, and the maleficarium, the Academy is a place for paranormals to grow and hone their abilities, safe from the unknowing masses of the non-paranormal.

The St. Giles Academy for Paranormal server on Discord is looking for new rpers!
St. Giles is a roleplaying community that started in IMVU, with the chat room of the same name. It's a modern sci-fi/fantasy/school genre, and roleplayers are permitted to join using characters of any species and ability.
This IS an IMVU room, but it's in your better interest to join the Discord, as members are guaranteed to be present throughout the day, and we have manageable channels for both ooc and roleplay.

We prefer for your roleplaying level to be at T2 or above, although that's not strictly enforced. We expect an understanding of imagery and knowing how to type a paragraph, but not necessarily a very long one. Entrance/starter posts have a two line minimum and no maximum, while 'regular' posts after that have no minimum requirement.

While we enjoy good writing, we are also a relaxed community, and a buttload more informal than usual T1-T2 roleplayers.  Our members, besides having a passion for storytelling, are also artists, gamers, and musicians.  Upon joining the server, we hope for newcomers to read the #welcome and #rules channels. We also have separate channels for casual chatting, roleplay, and nsfw roleplay. If you're interested, please shoot a message to me on IMVU (Seer0fSpace) (thats a zero, not an o). Or even better yet, come join the Discord server and talk to me (gyro#9803) Please don't hesitate to ask any questions.

You can find the server here:

Thank you for reading!
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PostSubject: Re: RP Want ads   

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RP Want ads
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