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 IMVU's Take on RP Deaths/Killings

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IMVU's Take on RP Deaths/Killings Empty
PostSubject: IMVU's Take on RP Deaths/Killings   IMVU's Take on RP Deaths/Killings I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 01, 2017 2:23 am

I'm posting the extended edition which was in the original thread since it is far more useful than the newer, shorter edition.

1. You do NOT have to accept an RP kill. IMVU moderators on the forums have said this as well as staff. If someone kills your character in their game, that's their business and their room and so be it BUT you CAN take the character into other games and other RPs and keep them in your own RP. If anyone tells you otherwise you can report them for harassment. Not all RP is set in the same reality. The continuities don't have to mesh even if it's an "Open" room, or "Open Multiverse," despite what some newer players have started claiming.

2. You especially do NOT have to change your avatar name if your character is killed. That is a definite violation of TOS as confirmed by both staff and moderators.

3. Not all Role playing games are universal. Not every room follows the same rules or has the same continuity. Dungeons and Dragons, Rhydin, VtM, WoD and Dresden Fiels don't all follow the same rules with powers, dice, or fighting methods. One might use Fate points and FUDGE dice while another might use ten sided dice, one might use ordinary six sided dice while another room uses T1. Different rules, different realities. They do NOT have to interconnect. No matter what anyone says, a death in one room does not automatically mean you have to kill your character everywhere. IMVU moderators have already confirmed this. Even if you're killed in an "open" room as some are calling it now you do NOT have to accept the death in every room you play in and not every room has to honor that death.

4. Any character that is killed can be resurrected somehow. Characters can be raised from the dead or come back as ghosts or be reincarnated. So long as you're creative there is a way back and anyone who can "destroy your soul" is questionably God moding.

5. There's also the concept of null and void, to undo a bad or God moded game event.

6. If you kill a character in your room you have the right to boot or block that person from your room if they continue to play that character and you do not wish them to do so. However you cannot force them to do this for every RP room / game that they play in.

7. You cannot force that player to make that character dead in every single game they play in even if it is an open / Multiverse RP room. You cannot enforce your own idea of RP rules in every single RP room.
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IMVU's Take on RP Deaths/Killings
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