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 Common RP Terminology

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PostSubject: Common RP Terminology    Common RP Terminology  I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 24, 2017 3:12 am

The following is a list of the most common terms used in most IMVU Roleplays. This list is liable to change over time depending on new terms being created and used within the community.

RPC: Roleplay Character
A character in the RP which is controlled by  the player.

The person behind the computer. May also be called the 'handle' of the character.

OOC: Out of Character
Anything which is said or done by the human being behind the computer; the player.

IC: In Character
Anything which is done or said by a character in the roleplay.

DM or GM: Dungeon Master or Game Master
The person who is in charge of managing the roleplay from an OOC perspective. They more often than not own the room it takes place in, maintain the group page for the RP etc. They are also in charge of settling OOC disputes and maintaining the flow of the game.

Canon Roleplay
A roleplay based on original source material which is not the original creation of the DM/GM, e.g a Hogwarts roleplay based on the Harry Potter books.

Multiverse Roleplay
Multiple Universe Roleplay. An open RP which is "connected" to every other roleplay in the multiverse in the sense that characters may cross from one RP to another and the games may interact with eachother (for wars between different RP groups, alliances etc.)

Closed Roleplay
A roleplay which is outside of the multiverse. The game is completely within in it's own universe and no other seperate RPs are recognized as co-existing within this game.

ERP: Erotic Roleplay
Roleplay involving sexual themes.

OC: Original Character
A character created by the player which is non-Canon.

NPC: Non-Playable Character
A somewhat disposable or once-off character in the game which serves as "background." Generally controlled by the DM to add to the scene. Examples include villagers, servants and guards.

The use of elements outside of the game to twist the direction of the game. A character making use of knowledge that the player has, but the character cannot possibly have.

Not properly dividing IC and OOC. More times than often used when a player becomes upset or angry with another player because their characters had a disagreement. Blurring the lines between reality and fiction.

Para:  Paragraph Roleplay
A roleplay style where posts are a paragraph in length.

Multi-Para: Multiple Paragraph Roleplay
A roleplay style where posts are multiple paragraphs in length.

Light RP: Light Roleplay
Roleplay which is generally comprised of short posts and likely involves heavy meta-gaming.

OP: Over Powered
A character which is unfairly powerful or impossibly powerful.

GM'ing: God-Modding
When a character is OP; has no limits, has infinite power, impossible to kill, cannot be harmed etc.

T-Styles: T-1, T-2, T-3, T-4, T-5 and T-6
Combat styles.

DC-1 Dice Combat
Essentially the T-1 combat style with regards to posting, but with dice rolls to determine success/failure.

Royale Style(s)
Another style of roleplaying practiced generally by paragraph roleplayers, often involving perfect grammar rules.
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PostSubject: Re: Common RP Terminology    Common RP Terminology  I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 06, 2017 2:26 pm

What about "Heavy RP", as opposed to light? It's what I'm most familiar with.

  • Roleplay with inner circle members that have a long term commitment to the game, and are deep into the lore of the universe they're playing.
  • No meta-gaming.
  • Somewhat related to closed roleplay, though it's not entirely closed for keeping an eye on possible new members whom they test by roleplaying with them.
  • A process and/or time frame before becoming a full member often applies.
  • There may be some interaction with lighter or multiverse roleplayers, but they're usually passing with no further interest.

It's a kind of a compromise that allows to have a semi closed group in an otherwise open setting.

And then there's also Medium RP.
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Common RP Terminology
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