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 Getting direct links for a public room

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PostSubject: Getting direct links for a public room   Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:36 pm

I thought that a short tutorial on this wouldn't hurt. You can use this to promote both RP and non RP public rooms.

  1. Go to IMVU room site search.
  2. Search for the room you're looking for. Adding in the owner's name will help you to better find it.
  3. Click the room's name on the search results.
  4. Click on the room title that appears above.
  5. In the page you have been taken to you will have two options:

    • Right click the room title link on the page, and select "Copy link address". It will give you the link to the present page that will point the logged visitors to the public room even if the title changes, thought it won't be shown to the unlogged. They can preview the short description there and the people inside before joining. Or...
    • Do the same with the "Join" link. It will give you the link that starts the client and takes the visitor into the room directly, and both the logged and unlogged will see it. If you have written the full room descriptions into your web profile (a.k.a. homepage) for example, also adding this joining link for your rooms there might be a good idea.

Good luck with getting more visitors!
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Getting direct links for a public room
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