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 Things to Watch out for in Roleplays

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PostSubject: Things to Watch out for in Roleplays   Things to Watch out for in Roleplays I_icon_minitimeSat May 12, 2018 8:43 am

Using information obtained through OOC means IC. The garden variety blatant metagaming isn't as prevalent in the 'better' groups, but the more under the table kind is as common as ever in groups.

- Players reading narrative involving the thoughts/feelings of a character, and then electing to change their own characters actions or behavior based on what the other character is thinking.
- Characters somehow knowing or suspecting that another character has a negative trait - even though there has been no indication of the trait IC and no reason for suspicion. Often times this happens because the trait is listed in the biography.
- Characters made specifically to one-up another character because the two players don't get along OOC.
- Players pushing or coercing players OOC to make characters of a certain race, allegiance, to add to their characters group IC and make them more powerful.

Deus Ex Machina
Deus Ex Machina is a plot device where an impossible or very difficult problem is suddenly fixed by an abrupt new event, new character, new ability or new object.

- When a detrimental situation arises for a character, but then the player of that character brings in a new or very powerful NPC to immediately solve that situation for their character.
- When a player, more often than not a DM or a moderator, creates an event for the RP which specifically resolves their characters problems or gives their RPC some new or special item/ability to fix their bad situation.
- When a character suddenly 'unlocks' some hidden talent, or finds some rare object that immediately gives them the advantage in a situation, or resolves the situation completely.
- When a character suddenly finds rare, special, or magical objects - and then passes them around like candy without regard for the difficulty in obtaining such things, thus resolving their issues and other characters issues.

Appeasement of Players
Appeasement in this case is when certain characters are allowed to enjoy special perks, privileges, or generally 'get their way' in the RP when logically they shouldn't. This is usually done to appease the player who is using the character; as it is, more often than not, the only way to keep them interested in the RP.

- When a character engages in romance with another character which they would logically not be interested in, but they are made to do so by the player to appease the other players want for romance type RP.
- When characters get along even though one character mistreats the other - forced by the player to appease the other players need for their character to be liked.
- When a player wants a situation to resolve a certain way and it does, purely because that's how they want it to be resolved.

Lack of Absurdity
A lack of bizzare situations, absurdiy and general comedy situations in RP. Usually as a result of people playing 'the best character ever' who take the concept way too seriously.

- When players become annoyed OOC when characters crack jokes at their character(s.)
- When players complain OOC about bizarre and hilarious situations that happen IC, because the situation does not contribute anything to their characters specific wants or desires.
- When players want constant, unending, serious type RP with non-stop action, progression of their character and refuse to partake in sessions which revolve around comedic situations or which are 'just for fun.'

Lack of Compromise in Groups
A real lack of players helping other players, or a lack of compromise on RP scenes, plots or arcs.

- A player who refuses to play any scenes unless their character is liked by every character present.
- A player who refuses to play, or avoids playing, unless certain other characters or players are involved.
- A player who refuses to let their character 'lose' - their character always has to always come out on top, otherwise there will be an argument OOC or they will become disinterested in the RP.
- This can result in players becoming bored with an RP if they know in advance that their character can't possibly 'win' or will always be on the bottom of the totem pole regardless of what they do. Often times coupled with appeasement since it's often another character who is always 'winning' only to appease the player; thus keeping other characters down as a result of OOC arrangements.

Fish Out of Water
When a player plays a character type which they either don't like playing or don't do well at playing because it's just not their cup of tea.

- Can be the result of appeasement. Not allowing people to play villain type characters is a very easy way to make the RP more attractive to players who refuse to have anything bad happen to their characters.
- A person who plays a specific character type very well - and then doesn't play them in an RP because that character type isn't appreciated by the other players; mostly villain type characters. Thus, they play a different type that they dislike, resulting in a lack of motivation and disinterest in the RP.

A lack of variety of characters; often caused by appeasement.

- A person continually playing royal characters or certain other character types.
- A player refusing to play anything other than highly ranked, regal type characters or other types they like.
- Knowing what type of character someone will play because they always play the same types. The names and appearances of the characters might be different, but you already know the personality and behavior.
- Forcing players to play certain character types - e.g when a DM insists that female players can only play female characters and male players can only play male characters.

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Things to Watch out for in Roleplays
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