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 The Roleplayers Bill of Rights

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PostSubject: The Roleplayers Bill of Rights   Sun Feb 26, 2017 11:08 pm

The Roleplayers Bill of Rights

I. I have the right to choose who I roleplay with.

II. I have the right to control over my own character's actions.

III. I have the right to control over my character's development and nature. No one may alter my character's biography without my permission.

IV. If my character dies permanently, I have the right to create another character (without having to rename or create a new account).

V. I have the right to refuse any role-play that makes me uncomfortable, especially sexual or strongly violent role-play, without negative consequences on my character or myself.

VI. I have a right to my own opinion, and the right to voice it in a reasonable non-offensive manner that will not be the subject of flaming or bullying.

VII. I have the right to be excused from roleplay for real life obligations.

VIII. My character may serve a leader In-Character, but Out-of-Character I am a player and I have the right to be autonomous and treated with respect.

IX: I have a right to not participate in metagaming, godmodding, or other negative roleplay habits that are disruptive to the community.

X: I have the right to own my own creations and ideas.

XI: I have the right to ask for a retcon of cannon roleplay if I make a mistake or error due to an Out-of-character/Real Life Influence.

XII: I have a right to socialize and do as I please in Out-of-Character settings even if those I socialize with are in competing or enemy In-Character Groups.

XIII. I have a right to moderate my own rooms as I see fit, and will do so responsibly in a manner suiting the occasion and audience.
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The Roleplayers Bill of Rights
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