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 Provisional Forum Rules

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Provisional Forum Rules Empty
PostSubject: Provisional Forum Rules   Provisional Forum Rules I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 26, 2017 6:20 pm

Like a Star @ heaven Notice: These rules are provisional, meaning that they are subject to change pending discussion.

Global Rules
These rules apply to all forums.

Like a Star @ heaven Harassment: Do not harass other users. This includes baiting them into arguments or using the forums to slander someone regardless of if they use this forum or not.

Like a Star @ heaven RP Logs: Logs can be posted and discussed in the appropriate forums as long as they are posted in the appropriate section. If a log is not GA then it must be posted in the AP section of the forums.

Like a Star @ heaven Content: Do not post anything unsuitable for a GA audience outside of the AP forum.

Like a Star @ heaven Conduct:You should give respect in order to receive respect in turn. Remember, if you want to be respected then you need to give people something to respect.

Like a Star @ heaven Spelling and Grammar: Text speak is strictly forbidden. While perfect grammar and spelling are not expected, everyone should try their best to make their posts readable.

Like a Star @ heaven Post Quality: If it is not related to RP then post it in the OT forum. This includes threads which are clearly not related to RP but include one single sentence at the end of them in a poor attempt to make them related to RP.

Like a Star @ heaven Forum Usernames: You do not have to sign up with your IMVU username, however if you do not sign up with your IMVU username then you must clearly state what your IMVU account is by linking it via your profile page.

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Provisional Forum Rules
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